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soul nourishing vibrations Love, Ashley Lord (7).png

Dr. Joe Dispenza's renowned meditation.

Created & guided by Ashley Lord

Your body is made of light energy. This powerful practice helps it shift into deep alignment & coherence within all it's cells. 

I've created a beautiful version of Dr. Dispenza's powerful meditation.

A nourishing energy practice. for artists, sensitive souls, anyone who feels less than their optimal self to move from overwhelmed & out of alignment to peaceful, centered and inspired to create all you are meant to bring into the world.

Imagine what feeling more grounded, peaceful, connected, spacious, calm, inspired could do for your life?

elevate your energy
rewire your brain
calm your being chaos to ease
madness to magic


This highly powerful meditation audio with 432 hz music will help you shift from overwhelm into peace.

Blessing the energy centers

Coherence is the melody that is your body’s song. 

Blessing the Energy Centers is a renowned meditation backed by science, and created by  Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist, speaker and teacher. After years of practicing and teaching it, I've recorded it for you to tune in whenever you need it.

I began my own practice of this meditation in 2016 and for the next few years I practiced it daily. My struggles with anxiety and overwhelm as a highly sensitive artist and human being brought me to meditation as a teenager and I'm grateful that I still lean into these tools to shift my energy so that I can create all I'm meant to in this world and not feel as crazy!. When I don't feel like most aligned self, I find ease and inspiration again through meditation. It's been such a journey navigating trauma, working with my shadow, meeting my own inner landscape and finding healing and peace within the chaos. It's a constant choice to seek out practices that are helpful for me but this one I have found has stuck again and again. As a sensitive being who experiences anxiety and overwhelm often I always turn to it when I need to shift into calm, ease, alignment and safety within my own body and mind. 

This practice has helped me so much that a few years after starting my own practice, I began guiding this version in my yoga & meditation classes. The results were so powerful and the community loved it so much that the studio I was teaching at created an entire class around the chakras and THIS specific meditation!! It was pretty magical. (also the studio had beautiful LED rainbow lights I'd use during class, highly recommend a dark room with colourful lights just for fun!)

Our bodies contain light energy, this is a practice to serenade the body, raising the vibration and frequency of the energy centers or light centers (chakras). Elevating the light that lives within you.

Let my angelic voice carry you into the nourishing and peaceful harmonic frequency and coherence your being was meant to experience in this life.

after teaching thousands of yoga and meditation classes this practice has been one of the ones that continues to offer the most profound and delightful shifts in energy for myself and others!

soul nourishing vibrations Love, Ashley Lord (8)_edited.jpg

The power of this practice




The energy signature of this practice is expansive, it stands out over other youtube versions and supports you to rise into a higher dimension of self. 

This meditation is like a spa treatment for your soul!

After this practice I have experienced profound visions…..

~ Clarity on projects

~ Downloads of next steps in my life

~ Immediate feelings of health, vitality, rejuvenation!


Bringing all my cells into coherence supports me in SO many ways. And I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me over the years.

soul nourishing vibrations Love, Ashley Lord (6).png

Your body is made of light energy

shift from overwhelmed to calm

soul nourishing vibrations Love, Ashley Lord (6).png

Blessing the energy centers. 

what's included:



  1. Guided Meditation with 432 hz soundtrack 


 Instant download, track is 22 minutes

ground your energy
elevate your being
center yourself
feel calm


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