Why do I keep chasing you

Holding onto this belief

And I grasp so tightly

The spaces Inside me have

No room to breathe.


There’s no flow

In the grasping

No ease with the race

I’m tired of winding myself

Like a top I can’t face.


Be still spinning waters

Anchor your inner lands,

Success is not a collection 

Of perfectly placed moments

Constructed by your hands.


Be free darling 

in the mellows of unfolding

And clear the path

To allow for just this.


Your soul is aching for the

Clarity uncovered

By believing

in your gifts.

I help amazing ladies like you slow down, create space and live more present, peaceful, wild & authentic lives.

How would it feel if the following was true for you?


You trust in your journey and honour the divine timing of your life

You believe in the power of your darkness

You're living in the vibration of the woman you’ve always wanted to be

You let yourself feel, love and accept the ugliest parts of you

You take amazing care of yourself and are not trying so damn hard to be everything to everyone

You’ve slowed down enough to really listen to your wise heart

You say yes to the whispers of the heart no matter what anyone else thinks

You lean in and ask for help when things are difficult

You’re not afraid to be vulnerable

You’re more gentle, kind and accepting of yourself

You find peace in the present moment

You are open and secure enough to let others see you in your struggle

You have solid boundaries that protect your heart

You are living, breathing and being ALL of you

You are the most courageous, wild, authentic version of you.




Hey lovely. I’m Ashley. And I support amazing women like us to slow down, create space and live more vibrant, peaceful, wild and authentic lives.


I know how powerful it feels to be true to my heart. I also know the heartache and struggle that comes from not tending to my own inner landscape or not honouring those intuitive nudges that appear when something is blocking me from my greatness.


I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation since I was 17. And now in my mid 30’s I’m in deep recovery from my perfectionist and people pleasing ways. I’m a wildly sensitive soul living in a highly intuitive body with an anxious heart, doing my best everyday to navigate this world and big city life with as much love and grace as possible. A born adventurer, I’ve lived abroad in a collection of interesting countries around the world, spent time in countless ashrams, retreat centres with many long periods of silence and study. (Want more details on my credentials, I get it, find that here.) I’ve been blessed with beautiful teachers, mentors and healers who have and continue to support me on my path. One thing I know, this is a forever journey. And there is only ever a right next aligned step or action. Its step by step, moment by moment. My teachers have always helped me remember this, have guided me towards the wisdom in my heart and continue to remind me that we’re all in this together. Perhaps if you’re reading this and feeling called, then I’ll be that right next step for you. I've dedicated my life to having as much fun as possible while taking amazing care of myself so that I'm living my wildest truth, sharing my gifts and highest vibration, helping others attune to theirs. This shit is hard and we all need a little help and a lot more love.

Follow your heart, trust where it’s leading you, it’s wiser than you know.


Sending you peaceful wishes & light.


Love, Ashley

"beautiful woman, take care of yourself,

no one else knows what your soul needs" 


"I was unhealthy, overweight, trapped in patterns that were destroying my marriage, my sanity, and my overall well being. I had no idea what it could mean then to tap into my own personal power or find warmth in this lonely life that I had created. AND THEN, entered Ashley. She was filled with light and joy, a master of self love, and the embodiment of enlightenment. Through our journey together, I have found my true name, I have lovingly learned to own my body in its entirety, and have cultivated my own personal power to achieve and accept greatness. She has shifted my heart and mind to an abundance mindset. 



"The universe connected me with Ashley Lord and my time with her was simply amazing. Weekly she held space for me as I became completely vulnerable sharing my sadness , anger and joys! she helped me create better flow within my life and I found myself resorting back to a lot of the things she shared with me. Ashley taught me a very valuable lesson to surrender.... to so many things in my life. I find when I go back to this lesson it is so valuable to me. It isn't always easy , but she's given me so many beautiful tools to pull from .

Forever grateful"


"An amazing human being and an incredible teacher. If you have the opportunity to attend on of her retreats- do it! I attended her day retreat a month ago and I can say that I am forever changed. Thank you Ashley for being so incredible and for helping me heal." 


"My experience with Ashley was a much needed and transformative experience. I was able to fully meditate and reach a space I never thought possible. Ashley makes you feel so comfortable and just has a way of knowing exactly what you need without you even telling her. I left feeling lighter, refreshed and more in tune with my body.
I’m so thankful for the time we shared and what we accomplished in just a short period.

Will definitely be back!"