Photograph Andi McLeish Creative @ Moov Studio

"For the beautiful souls

whose broken hearts

light the sky.

Trust in your light,

because, like the sun

your golden hours 

are most beautiful,

wrapped in clouds."

As a poet and intuitive channel I write collections of poetic medicine for the soul.

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New Light Sewn


In the light

of the morning

it was bright

The day broke again

as new sun refreshed

tired eyes

The light melted

hard edges

and smoothed

rough memories.


Tattered thoughts

turned into tapestries,

this beginning adorned

with tassels

sewn from that once

broken heart.

The pieces a little shinier,

put back together differently.

"In the Heart of the Light; poetry of awakening" 

A nourishing book of Poetic Medicine for the soul

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I trust in the journey and honour the divine timing of my life

I believe in the power of my darkness

I accept and love the ugliest parts of myself

I am free and living the vibration of love

I take amazing care of myself 

I am not trying so damn hard to be everything to everyone

I slow down and listen to my wise heart

I lean in and get support when things are difficult

I am not afraid to be vulnerable

I am gentle, kind, and loving and more accepting of myself

I find peace in the present moment

I am open and secure enough to allow others to see me

I have solid boundaries that protect my heart

I am a living, breathing alchemist, capable of shifting my energy

I am the most courageous, authentic version of myself

I am supported beyond measure

I am love, I am pure light

I am ready to rise up to the next level version of myself

"beautiful woman, take care of yourself,

no one else knows what your soul needs" 

Jessica C.

Jessica C.

"My experience with Ashley was a much needed and transformative experience. I was able to fully meditate and reach a space I never thought possible. Ashley makes you feel so comfortable and just has a way of knowing exactly what you need without you even telling her. I left feeling lighter, refreshed and more in tune with my body. I’m so thankful for the time we shared and what we accomplished in just a short period. Will definitely be back!"

Hema V.

Hema V.

"My time with Ashley was simply amazing. Weekly she held space for me as I became completely vulnerable sharing my sadness , anger and joys! she helped me create better flow within my life and I found myself resorting back to a lot of the things she shared with me. Ashley taught me a very valuable lesson to surrender...she's given me so many beautiful tools to pull from . Forever grateful"

Elizabeth D.

Elizabeth D.

"Through our journey together, I have learned to love my body and have cultivated my own personal power to achieve and accept greatness. She has shifted my heart and mind to an abundance mindset."

Hannah M.

Hannah M.

"An amazing human being and an incredible teacher. If you have the opportunity to attend on of her retreats- do it! I attended her day retreat a month ago and I can say that I am forever changed. Thank you Ashley for being so incredible and for helping me heal."

Michelle A.

Michelle A.

"Ashley Lord is my beam of light. I was going through some big changes which was full of uncertainty - Ashley helped me to be more confident in my thoughts and stay true to myself. Our weekly chats were a welcoming addition and an opportunity for me to sit still, speak, listen, and reflect. All too often we forget to do this, but yet its such a vital element of our emotional well-being. Ashley has a tremendous ability to listen."