yoga.functional movement

guiding women to move freely, breathe fully and find ease in body, mind and heart

My approach to this powerful practise is one of self love and inquiry. We all have the ability to trust the great wisdom that exists naturally within us. It is through this connection within we are better able to tend, to take great care in mending what asks for love; to be present in celebrating our aliveness in both the challenge and the beauty. 

I'm also passionately dedicated to supporting your journey of moving well in your body. Moving all the parts, in all the ways, finding freedom to move without pain as you understand more intelligently the container you are in, what it needs and how you communicate with it.  

I draw from a deep well of functional movement practises, healing tools and mindfulness that inform my offerings including: Yoga, (hatha/vinyasa, Sivananda,  yin, restorative) Qi Gong, Dance + Gaga Movement, Sound Therapy, Thai Massage, Healing Touch, among others.

Our practice together will explore a variety of movement & meditation exercises, is intuitively guided and aims to always serve the harmony of your mind, body & heart.