This rainbow is your home.

There is a line that is crossed

through every heartbreak,

among the tears that pour.

The one you cross,

like you’ve never crossed before.

It’s waited for you

in the shadows

and followed you from house to house.

Moving, changing, wishing, waiting,

for you to choose yourself.

Oh dear girl,

to love you so much

 It feels uncomfortable,

when often you’ve known the feelings

of what others bring.

Step back, slow down, go in

and listen to an open heart that sings.

This new beginning is changing you,

in the wildest of ways.

A path your insides

have been aching of, always.

You don’t have to try so hard

to make it feel real, its destined in the stars,

as you share and feel.

So let's begin again,

here, now, together.

On this quiet morning in your castle.

The weathers steady,

whispering to me

of your visions and butterfly travels.

I’m so proud of the spaces

across the waves of magic we’ve journeyed.

So my wise one

may our rhythms be steady

as this heart of wisdom

safely fastens the yearning.

Counteract the anxious

and keep us here,

unafraid of returning,

to the learning.

© Ashley Lord