- Shake & soar -


Those times when

I share my voice, my truth

These offerings that flow 

& arrive, as if by

Surprise to my body.

It shakes

Nervous system adjusts

As if to acknowledge the importance 

Of showing up, answering the call 

Of saying yes.


Opening to the possibility 

That the fierce river that runs 

Within me is ready 

To flood 

Into the spaces asking for water 

To awaken and nourish 

Tiny seeds planted 

Within the heart 

The ones you feel..

You know the ones.

Their essence awakening in us all 

Our gifts to share 

Love to offer 

Extending out of us 


like the tail of the shooting star


May we have the courage 

To walk through our fire 

And let it 

Burn through the sky

To land in our truth 

For when we shake, we soar

As we are becoming 



The sky that pokes out from the universe


And when Sailing through choppy


With angel wings upon our backs

Here our fears lift right up from our chest 

So we can drop them into the water 

As an offering 

Of peace

to our unstoppable spark

The one that scares us down to our core

That same one that fuels the tiniest flame 

into a roaring wildfire of feeling 

Leaving us unimaginably alive,

Ready to claim our destiny.