• Ashley Lord

My own book healed me

My own book healed me. It had to heal me first. It came through me so strongly. Like river water that stops at nothing to forge it's path.

I'll never forget the moment on retreat a few years ago, during a fire ceremony, where I declared my intention to publish a book of poetry.

I knew in my heart it was the only way forward. It felt deeply aligned. I could feel the power of this book coming to be.

And also, somewhere deep down I felt nervous because I knew I was embarking upon a journey that would change me forever. And I wasn't sure I was ready, to claim this light.

Little did I know that the words flowing through me over the next few years as I wrote would heal me beyond my wildest dreams.

It was the best decision I ever made for myself.

But first...I had to get really uncomfortable.

I had to surrender and lean into the love I was blocking.

This book helped me transform.

I commit to it fully and...

I slowed down.

I met my feelings head on.

I learned to claim the power of my darkness.

I am STILL learning not to abandon myself in the madness.

I moved into more kindness, learned how to ask for help.

I released harsh walls around my heart blocking me from love.

And built important boundaries in their place.

I took a stand for the truths alive in me.

While others burned, so I could rise,

From the dust.

These words are potent.

These words are medicine.

These words came through from the universe, and I still read them now, to remind me of my light.

These words continue to lead me back to my heart space. To center.

And now I surrender again. Surrender them out to you. They are no longer mine to hold.

And wish nothing more than for you to receive them and let them show you how to find your way back, to your rightful place, on the throne of your heart.

In the Heart of the Light; poetry of awakening, a divine book of potent poetic medicine for the soul. How grateful I am to be her mother.

May she serve you greatly, as she does me.

I love you. I wrote this for us.

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