• Ashley Lord

Full Moon Wisdom from Qurantine

Pull back that bow, it’s time to shoot your arrow 🏹

We’re in a time of great transformation and awakening in our world. With big change first comes great discomfort, darkness. All the madness, the chaos, it’s reflecting back to us, our humanity. We’re being asked to turn in, turn towards the true north of our heart. What is being revealed to us at this time? What is uncomfortable? What is brining tension? Causing us grief? Where are we triggered? What do we stand for? What is working? What is not?

We’re being asked to see the truth in our world. To see the ways we’ve been blinded. To dismantle the systems that are not working. To see where we can use our voice. To feel our feelings, bring light to the parts of ourselves that need to heal. Individually and collectively. To be part of building a new world. One that stands for unity and love above all. I want to live in this brave world.

May we all have courage under the energy of this Full Moon Eclipse to feel the tensions, the spaces within us, as we pull back our bows - our own veils, and see what there is to let go of, what doesn’t belong inside us anymore. To shoot our arrows forth, in the pursuit of justice and reclamation for humanity as we move ahead into a better, more courageous and just world. We are the change.

May we do the work, and stand for love. For the welfare of all our brothers and sister of this earth.

And so I continue to ask myself, as I ask all of you...where must I grow, where am I being asked to serve? Where am I not showing up in love?

🍓Divine blessings to all under this beautiful Full Strawberry Moon Lunar Eclipse.

I love you ❤

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