shall I tell you a tale?

"ring the bells that still can ring.

Forget your perfect offering,

There is a crack, a crack in everything,

That's how the light gets in"

- Leonard Cohen.

Hello darling people of the world. Thank you for being here. You know, this page has been my most challenging to write. Its been re-written over and over. How do I sum up my first 35 years into a paragraph or two that is an appropriate size for a page of this nature. How do I even begin to tell you all the stories that spark my heart? That have brought me to life. That have challenged my world and let me feel into my aliveness.

Maybe it’s because I’m a writer. I love to bring stories to life; into being. It relaxes and inspires me to channel words to a page. The first few drafts were dramatic interpretations of my life experience & traumas, my education and travels, many words that painted colourful pictures, rich with experience, heartache and growth. I decided this wasn’t the place for those tales…..but they are available for you to read anytime, HERE on my blog :) After much consideration, this page is just to say hello. To share with you a simple note. That I am human. That my heart both sings and aches through the journey of life but i’ve learned to invite the unfolding with ease. I have dedicated myself to learning my heart, how to take good care and be in a loving relationship with myself. It’s been a whirlwind!! Haha And by no means does this mean I'm miraculously healed with no further work to is hard :) But something has shifted. I've made a promise to myself, to share my gifts, be in service, to know my light is needed here, that my story deserves to be heard. To be honest, it totally freaks me out and it's also the most amazing thing in the world. Marianne Williamson says it best, when she says more often we fear our light, not our dark. You see….i've really danced with one foot in, one foot out for many years. Scared, a little protected, to live my aliveness. But everything is as it should be, and here I trust the unfolding; the divine timing of my life. Trusting our inner guidance system is a journey, it requires practise and these practices are ones that i'm truly grateful to share.


My life, my path has been a collection of many beautiful experiences thus far. I’ve lived, worked and studied abroad in a collection of interesting countries, have a very dynamic resume of jobs and gigs under my belt and have been blessed and supported by a beautiful group of friends and family. I find myself now, a more collected and grounded version of myself, let’s be serious, I’m a earthy, but equally firey woman (Taurus, Leo, Leo)  and life as a teenager and 20 something was filled with an abundance of drama and intrigue with lots drugs, alcohol, adventure and expansion. Within these flames is a deeply sensitive soul. Both an introvert & extrovert. I'm a social butterfly who needs an abundance of solitude and refuge from this busy world to recharge. It's a non negotiable, I am dedicated to continuing the steadiness of quiet calm that flows within me.

I sit and write from the quiet of my outdoor sanctuary in The Beaches, Toronto. A quiet place with birds chirping and life happening around me, I sit and write. Peaceful and open.

What comes to me in this moment to to share my intention. Why I do the work I do and why I know my next chapters will come with many gifts of service and offerings to the women of this earth. You see these practices I share mean the world to me. They are the foundation upon how I care for myself which ultimately enables my energy to shine. They are my refuge when challenges arise and pure delight when there is play. I have been blessed with many spiritual teachers and mentors who have opened up my world to powerful healing practices and tools. I feel so lucky to have been gifted with the healing hands to now pass them along.

My challenges and vulnerability have been and continue to be opportunities that let my heart open and surrender. I am here to share my stories. I am here to offer teachings that have helped me when I've struggled.  To succumb to the darkness of my own mind and body has been scary, there is fear, it’s pulled me from my centre, from the natural balance that exists within us all, but it’s also what’s lead me back there. To me, this work, this life is about finding the light within the dark. Caring so deeply for ourselves that we may become our brightest possible version and share our loving hearts with all beings. And that, my friends is a beautiful thing. I've learned so much from the dark.

I am here to spark the revolution of finding JOY in the journey of transformation. To offer tools that connect you with the best version of yourself. Your inner knowing, your divine wisdom. To tend to your aliveness and hold your heart when it’s hard to hold it yourself. To let you find home again, within. To lend a hand that will walk you back to your own version of peace & happiness. Whatever that means to you.

We are all masterpieces and works in progress, simultaneously.

Life is a beautiful opportunity to unlearn & find our way back to love.

Many blessings,

Ashley xo


Hey beauty. I’m Ashley Lord. Healer, Intuitive, Poet & Spiritual Counsellor, but most importantly I'm a human who knows what it feels like to have my heart cracked wide open and find my way to the other side of it’s aching. My story has been filled with deep heartache, as I’m sure yous has too. But It’s continued to push me again and again towards my greatness. Towards my light. I’m a fiery, sensitive soul, a Taurus, Leo, Leo. And I'm in recovery. I’m done wearing my masks of perfection and doing the people pleasing dance. I've finally been able to let go of pretending to have it all together. I'm ready to scream from the rooftops, that I'm here, that my voice and my feelings, matter. I used to find deep strength in my independence, in not sharing my truths, keeping others comfortable and playing it safe, while simultaneously building a massive fortress around my heart I didn't even know was there. It served me well, until it didn’t. Until the ache became stronger than the wall and I finally crashed, hard. Until I had no choice but to slow down, go in and ask for help. I was done pretending everything was fine, when it wasn’t. I was tired of playing small, afraid of being loved if I shared the fire alive within me. I was exhausted. I also needed to let go of some heavy emotional weights I’d been carrying around with me since childhood, that weren't mine to hold. Many tickles of the heart, some deep realisations and some scary health stuff brought me to a tipping point. This particular time in life only a few short years ago then lead me down a deep path of healing, learning, undoing. I was being asked to lean so deeply into the places I was hiding from myself. Where I’d drink my troubles, eat my pain and smoke my truths. Where I was careless with money, my health and relationships. It was a wild time. I was also young and that’s just kinda the name of the game. But it was no lie, my aching heart persisted, no matter how much fun I was having in the process. Something needed to change. 

I remember hearing a voice one night that really set me straight. It was bolder and clearer than I’d ever heard before. “You’re gonna die if you continue like this”

I was in the park after a second panic attack that forced me to leave abruptly from my last ever restaurant job (after 18 years, I was long overdue for retirement). I watched the beautiful sun set over the Toronto city-scape, hearing that call in my heart, I then proceeded to sleep, rest, heal and study for almost two years.  


After studying + teaching yoga and meditation for just as long as I'd been in the hospitality biz, you'd think i'd have a bit more sense.....but this is my journey. And us giving/healer types, tend to take care of everyone else before ourselves! I had an abundance of wellness knowledge and the last two years I've been taking what I've learned over the past two decades and really parenting myself to integrate all these beautiful teachings into a more embodied way of being with myself. This learning/unlearning invited me to a collection of beautiful mentors, teachers, healers, coaches and guides, who helped support me at this time. As teachers do, they helped mirror back to me the spaces where I was stuck, the places I was hiding from myself and offered me space to lean in, connect to my softness and awaken the wise woman who was living deeply within me. As I continue on my path, my own souls work, learning the lessons that lead me back to love, I have dedicated my life to holding space for women like you, who too, are ready to meet yourself, here, and answer the call of your messy, beautiful aching heart.

May you have the courage to walk through your fire and let it burn through the sky.

Magic is waiting for you.

Love, Ashley Lord

This sweet woman loves animals, nature, nourishing food, and time relaxing in her home. With her adventurous heart she is an avid traveller of the globe, has lived abroad in a collection of interesting countries and spent over a decade as a hospitality professional. She is an artist; a writer, painter and poetess. She is most at home by the water and amongst the trees.


As the great native traditions of the world believe: life is a circle. We become full and set forth on our journey to share our gifts and create our own personal legacy in pursuit of service to all beings. 

"Music & poetry; my great teachers; through which I have found

some of my deepest connection and healing." - Ashley 



"The Fruitful Darkness"

When I look back on those years gone by
All those mountains standing in my mind
I could have folded, could have turned around
But all good stories have their ups and downs

So, I had to find my way through
I had to find my way through
I had to find my way through
I had to find my way through

The fruitful darkness

Is all around us

In blue

The dark within my dark
Is where I found my light
The fruit became the doorway
And now it's open wide

The dark within my dark
Is where I found my light
The fruit became the doorway
And now it's open wide

The dark within my dark
Is where I found my light
The fruit became the doorway
And now it's open wide

-Trevor Hall