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Beautiful practices of calming and relaxing guidance to help you slow down, create space, ease stress, soften anxiety and find your center. May these practices help you melt away tension and return you to balance.

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Meditation collections to uplift, heal and help you begin your day with ease. All you have to do is get comfortable, press play and allow my voice to support, soften and awaken you.

in the heart of the light

Welcome to the SISTER MEDITATION ALBUM to "In the Heart of the Light; poetry of awakening". It was created with the same energy and intention to support readers in their own practice of healing, self love & journeying inward. This is a powerful collection of audios to help you soften your harder edges and awaken to your light.

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Soothing audios, healing poetry, spoken word medicine...

Three offerings designed to elevate your heart and raise your vibration.

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Our bodies contain light energy centers (chakras). This beautiful, powerful practice of Blessing the Energy Centers takes you on a journey into each of your 7 chakras, raising your vibration and frequency. Through guided imagery and light visualization you'll awaken the autonomic nervous system while nourishing these important centers of information, restoring the body to balance.