D e a r   l o v e l y   s o u l,


My writing today begins with love.

I'm so glad you're here.

thank you.

Take a deep breath. 

It was beautiful to share space with you recently 

and I'm so grateful we are connected.

You've unlocked a secret page on my website. 


Feel the space above you, the earth beneath you.

Meet yourself here, in this moment.


How blessed we are, to be present to it all. 

I'd like to take this letter to share something special with you.

On a winter’s day this January 1/20/2020

a soul offering called Ashes + Light is arriving

and it's coming straight for your heart.

More on this below.

But first, a blessing for you.

B l e s s i n g: 


When we hold space for ourselves | love ourselves fully | the dark | the light | with no judgement | become our own best friend | when we lean in | learn to sit in the discomfort of our shadow | our truth | forgive ourselves and find kindness | compassion | amidst the wildest of storms | it is here | in this space | where we are free | and this is where the magic is.

P o e t r y:

For the beautiful souls,

Whose broken hearts light the sky.

Trust in your light, because, like the sun,

Your golden hours are most beautiful,

Wrapped in clouds.


C o n t e s t: 

I’ll be publishing “Ashes + Light” a book of healing poetry & writings. The words within this book have been locked up within me for many moons, to now be surrendered and received by the hearts that call for them.

And because of this I'll be gifting some of them away for your chance to win:


  • 11 signed copies of Ashes + Light

  • 1 space in my coaching roster for 2020, to work 1:1 with me (valued at $5000)

A c t i o n:  

If your heart is called to,

I'd love to help you enter into this energy exchange

for a chance to be selected to receive one the offerings above!

Make sure to take a quick minute to hit up ALL five below to be entered to win:


  1. Follow me on instagram @loveashleylord

  2. Like me on Facebook /loveashleylord

  3. Download Free Meditation on my website (button at top of page)

  4. Share the love by tagging a friend or sharing one of my posts

  5. Message me when you've entered!!

Not into following all the rules?? I get that.


Well, you won't be eligible to win the gifts above, BUT you can still hop on my Instagram or Facebook anytime to receive Unlimited poetry, connection & love ;) And keep in the loop for the release of Ashes + Light.

Let's keep building beautiful community and sharing what lights us up.


T h a n k   Y o u:

Thanks for your presence. Thanks for your support. I hope our practices together served you.

May the token of love help heal your heart.



I n t e n t i o n:


For those who received a little white envelope from me... 

I prepared, cleansed and energized the contents of this package, just for you :) 

You have this gift because the universe has connected us.

My wish is to remind you of the love in your heart and to share a piece of mine with yours. 

R o s e  Q u a r t z:


Helps us heal the heart: to forgive and clear away blockages in the spaces where we are disconnected from love. These sweet babies have brought so much support to my own healing journey and it brings me so much joy to send them out into the world to work their magic!

May you always know love,

and feel the steadiness of your own inner waters,

as you gaze softly at the reflection

of your divine essence, your beauty.

To know you are enough, exactly as you are.

For we are allowed to be both a masterpiece & work in progress,

at the same time. And this, darling, is the most beautiful gift.

Thanks for being here. May these offerings support your journey.




*Note, the contest winners will all be announced on the Winter Solstice.