feel less shitty in the service industry

Do you work in hospitality? Bar/Restaurant/Nightclub/Catering?

You love it, but also, it kinda stresses you the f*ck out??!

I hear you. That was me.

Allow someone to serve you for a change!

I am here to offer you a free coaching experience in hopes it will give you some clarity about how to start feeling less shitty. No salesy shit. Just service. A powerful conversation to knock the tray straight outta your hand.

Get a little perspective on what's up for you and what to do about it. 



A gift to my fellow burnt out industry people.

After my body crashed & burned I hired a health/life coach and completely changed my habits and my life.

Now, full of energy, feeling vibrant and better than ever i’m back in the world of service. Traded in my tray for a telephone.  I’ve become a coach myself to give back and support women like yourselves, working in the busy world of hospitality.

I'm not creepy sales girl gonna sell you anything. There is no pressure. You can leave our conversation after 45 minutes and that can be that. I'll be happy just knowing I've heard your story, see where you're struggling and perhaps share a little bit of what has lead me to feeling alive again!!

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I worked 18 amazing years in the hospitality industry. #allthewine #alltheweddings #allthefun #alltheburnout

Yup - I friggin loved my job. I’m a social butterfly what can I say. I loved the parties, the people, the nightlife, the drugs, the booze, the rush of service. It was amazing.

Until it wasn’t.

One day my body was just like…..fuuuuuuuuck you. I was burnt the f*ck out. I had to take many months off of work. I slept for 10 plus hours a day, I didn’t want to go out. My body was in crisis mode. It was a beautiful breakdown, it actually lead me to the world of coaching. But I would never wish the darkness I felt in myself upon anyone. For so long I was like I know what to do, drink more lemon water, less boozy drinks, try not to go out as much, do more yoga - I've got this!!! (I didn't).


My wish is for you to feel more at home and at ease in your body, pro-actively create healthy & sustainable habits so that you can avoid the crash and burn road that I went down.

I got you!

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