Experience the therapeutic benefits of integrating hot volcanic mineral stones into a gentle restorative yoga practice.


I call this “cozy yoga”.


Let me rub your head and tuck you in for the most peacefully guided relaxation nap. Stones will be gently placed and massaged onto you while you rest in restorative yoga postures with the support of bolsters, blankets and eye pillows. As you rest, allow the heat of the stones to ease you. Your body will know what to do, it will balance and adjust to move towards optimal health. This grounding and relaxing offering allows for muscle relaxation, deep healing in the body among other incredible benefits.

75 Minute Private Session (for single or couple)


Investment $165


a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation

The Stones


Each of my “basalt” stones have been hand selected from a local Toronto Company that sources them directly from South America. These stones come to Canada in their natural raw form, have not been shaped, cut or polished, therefore retaining their natural inherent energy. BASALT STONES are formed from the cooling of volcanic lava and originate from riverbeds where they are naturally smoothed and polished by water. Inherently basalt stones contain magnetic or titanic iron making them able to retain heat. I lovingly cleanse and energize our stones regularly to ensure their maximum potential for healing. 

Benefits of Hot Stone Therap​​​​​y

  • promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation

  • improves circulation in the body

  • ease the nervous system into parasympathetic rest & digest response

  • aids in healing and reduces symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

  • can be used as a complementary therapy for back issues, MS, arthritis, osteoporosis, insomnia and other ailments

  • hot stones are often places along meridian lines in the body, energetic centres where hot stones help to balance these centres clearing blockages and promoting the free flow of energy

  • heat enables the lymphatic system to work and transport waste materials out of the cells more effectively

  • alleviates deep pain

  • regenerates & recharges

  • balances, nurtures & calms the body, mind and soul​

History of Hot Stone Therapy


Hot Stones have been used for centuries as a healing modality among many cultures. Indigenous peoples of North America used this technique for detoxification, to find harmony, balance and to improve overall mental, spiritual and physical wellness, often coupling traditional sweat lodge ceremonies. Hot stones or bricks were often wrapped in cloth and placed over injuries in some European cultures. Dating back to the Shang Dynasty in China stones were used as a method for relieving muscular aches, tension and pain in the body. Lava rocks (lomi-lomi) were traditionally wrapped in leaves and used in Hawaiian massage, placed on the body to create vibrations and for exfoliation.  In Tucson, Arizona in the 1990’s, Mary Nelson coined  “La Stone Therapy” (a coupling hot stone methods and massage) and is credited for bringing a modern approach to this healing method in the west.