"Nature does not rush, yet everything is accomplished" -Lao Tzu


You've found this website have you,

wonderful :)

So,me, where do I fit into the mix?

I am here on this big ol' world to share my gifts in the energy arts. To share stories from my journey, so that you too, may learn The Alchemy of Love and continue to transform and nourish your inner world so your outer one can shine brighter.

I love this work. I continue to be humbled and grateful for this ongoing journey.

And I say this to you just as much as I remind myself, It's gotta be fun! Don't forget the fun.

I began my healing journey when I bought myself a one way plane ticket to Europe at 22 years old. I knew something needed to change. I was a jumble of emotions all bottled up, I was moving really fast and My external life was pretty awesome - but as the saddness anger and rage continued to be bottled up inside of me I I was sad, angry, drugged up and I moved and explored for over 10 years. Travel is a beautiful way to pay attention. It was at this time in my life I dove deep into my practise. I supported my curiosity of yoga, meditation, dance, art, qi gong, sound healing, all the things really. I wanted to learn about it all. I was drawn to this beautiful work to heal my heart. To 

in ancient healing practises I partied my face off for the better part of 2 decades. All the booze all the drugs. It was awesome. It alsohiding from the pain in my hearthad graduated university,  and knew .....thus opening the door to a whole world of wonder & many beautiful teachers. I'm so blessed for this ongoing adventure of awakening, learning, growing, connecting & sharing.....And now, at 35 here I am as I continue down this lifelong path I'm grateful to hold space as you too, learn to become an alchemist of your heart.

Hold space as an energy alchemist.

Are you a woman struggling with slowing down?



Imagine you woke up everyday with an abundance of energy...

You do the things you know will support you to feel your best.

Less rushed, less stressed & more at home in your self.

Do you allow space to listen to your body?

How would it feel to be more relaxed, at ease, knowing you are on the right path to caring for your highest self as you navigate the demands of life? 

Find a deeper peace so you are inspired to share

 your beautiful energy with the world.

The tools are within you; your heart knows what it needs.

Are you ready to listen?

We are what we repeatedly do. 

Schedule a complimentary call with me & let's have a conversation about 

where you're at and how you're feeling.

What woman are saying:

"Working one on one with Ashley was a wonderful experience. She was thoughtful & knowledgeable. As she got to know me and my goals, she was able to draw on her deep understanding & create a plan that was increasingly suited to me. My life changed for the better as a direct result of working with her. I lost weight and I am now, honestly, happy with my body. More importantly, I healed emotionally and received tools for identifying the patterns in my life that had ceased to serve me and exchange them for new and better habits"


"An amazing human being and an incredible teacher. If you have the opportunity to attend on of her retreats- do it! I attended her day retreat a month ago and I can say that I am forever changed. Thank you Ashley for being so incredible and for helping me heal." 


"I was unhealthy, overweight, trapped in patterns that were destroying my marriage, my sanity, and my overall well being. I had no idea what it could mean then to tap into my own personal power or find warmth in this dreary and lonely life that I had created. AND THEN, entered Ashley. She was filled with light and joy, a master of self love, and the embodiment of enlightenment. Through our journey together, I have found my true name, I have lovingly learned to own my body in its entirety, and have cultivated my own personal power to achieve and accept greatness. She has shifted my heart and mind from a "nothingness" desirability to an abundance mindset.