In the heart of the light


a divine collection of

poetic medicine for the soul

a potent tool for healing


A divine collection of potent poetic medicine for the soul. My debut book of healing poetry takes you on a journey beyond your mind, dives you deep into the heart space and doesn't quite return you the same.

These words are nourishing. These words are powerful.  These words are pure medicine that will dazzle your insides and help you transmute your darkness to light. These words will ground inspire and support you while guiding you to connect with the frequency of healing love that lives within you.

Writing this book healed me. It helped me to surrender the walls I'd built around my heart, reclaim my inner authority, my peace and take a stand for the truths alive within me.

I wish nothing more than for you to receive it and let this pocketbook of remembering, shine a guiding light on your soul, as you continue to find your way back, to your rightful place, on the throne of your heart.


This book will help you:

Nourish your heart and soul

Work through pain and heartbreak

Remind you of your divine light as you meet your darkness

Build a more supportive loving relationship with yourself

Heal from your past and inspire you to create a life you deserve

May it serve you greatly, as it did me.



Golden Hours

"For the beautiful souls,

whose broken hearts light the sky,

Trust in your light,

because like the sun,

your golden hours are most beautiful,
wrapped in clouds”  


In the Heart of the Light, page 21


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