Heart Medicine

I am here to hold space for you to connect with yourself and to help you nourish the parts of you that are asking for more love. Whatever challenge you're facing in your world I trust that it's patiently waiting for you to uncover it's beauty so that it may lead you to where you need to go. I know the power of having someone beside me (I have a coach too - it's the best!) to support my journey and it's an honour to support yours.

Through the magic of alchemy and the medicines of movement, sound & stillness these unique experiences blend together my expertise in the healing arts. I invite you to take a journey, to slow down, create space & transform.

It's beautiful when you feel that call to make a shift in your life, honouring where you are, how far you've come and trusting the process as you move towards where you are going.

My offerings are highly intuitive, informed by my formal education & training and always offers what is most needed. Working together may include a combination of movement, meditation, coaching conversations, nutrition & lifestyle guidance, sound and art therapy.

Contact me with any questions and book a complimentary session over the phone to explore and feel if this is the right next step for you!

Nourish & Awaken Program

Together we go on a journey to move you from  panicked to peaceful.


  • a one day retreat experience held at my sanctuary or set up to support you by phone/video



  • a three month journey

  • we come together for 12 private sessions at my sanctuary or by phone/video, that will happen over 3 months

  • one email/text conversation per week

  • one ticket to my monthly women's full moon gathering (for locals)

  • one video guided full moon meditation (for non locals)


  • a six month journey

  • we come together for 24 private sessions at my sanctuary or by phone/video, that will happen over 6 months

  • unlimited email/text exchanges

  • 2 tickets to my monthly women's full moon gathering for the duration of our time together

  • two video guided full moon meditation (for non locals)


Included with all packages:​​

  • Curated & customized information & tools to aid in your journey 

  • a personlized recorded meditation/relaxation for your practise

  • 10% discount on Retreats

  • An (optional) private Facebook Community to share your experience with others


Your heart knows what it needs...

are you ready to listen?


Personalized Theta Healing

 I offer intuitively guided sessions by phone/video. This is a great way to kick start your home practise as we work together for a series of consecutive sessions to help get you in the groove of practice (while you are in the comfort of your own space!)

We spend a few minutes at the start of each call checking in with each other, I get a feel for where you are at energetically and offer what is needed as a guided practise.


  • one 30 minute session



  • Ten x 30 minute sessions over two weeks



  • Twenty x 30 minute sessions scheduled as needed

What women are saying:

"Working one on one with Ashley was a wonderful experience. She was thoughtful & knowledgeable. As she got to know me and my goals, she was able to draw on her deep understanding & create a plan that was increasingly suited to me. My life changed for the better as a direct result of working with her. I lost weight and I am now, honestly, happy with my body. More importantly, I healed emotionally and received tools for identifying the patterns in my life that had ceased to serve me and exchange them for new and better habits"


"An amazing human being and an incredible teacher. If you have the opportunity to attend on of her retreats- do it! I attended her day retreat a month ago and I can say that I am forever changed. Thank you Ashley for being so incredible and for helping me heal." 


"I was unhealthy, overweight, trapped in patterns that were destroying my marriage, my sanity, and my overall well being. I had no idea what it could mean then to tap into my own personal power or find warmth in this dreary and lonely life that I had created. AND THEN, entered Ashley. She was filled with light and joy, a master of self love, and the embodiment of enlightenment. Through our journey together, I have found my true name, I have lovingly learned to own my body in its entirety, and have cultivated my own personal power to achieve and accept greatness. She has shifted my heart and mind from a "nothingness" desirability to an abundance mindset. 


"the most important relationship you'll ever have, is the one you have with yourself.