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soul nourishing vibrations Love, Ashley Lord (6).png
soul nourishing vibrations Love, Ashley Lord (6).png
Ashley Lord's fierce light society

Fierce light society

An inspired space for my readers and soul fam to commune in a sanctuary of high vibrational energy. This is a great space for luminaries to connect with others and to connect with me about my books & offerings. This group will be ever evolving and changing with it's intention always to be able to have one central space to connect and commune with you all. ALL in one place. All for FREE xx

The wondering 


And I say again

There is softness

In the rainfalls

Bleeding from my fractured wounds.

Peace, she finds me,

When these eyes close or open

To the beauty 

Not once behind me.


Here I sit, draped in white

Indian smoke 

Rises away from aching eyes

Perhaps if I stopped typing for a moment

And picked up one of the poetry books

On this writers desk

Words at present, would steal me from

The wondering.

soul nourishing vibrations Love, Ashley Lord (6).png

For the beautiful souls, whose broken hearts

light the sky

trust in your light

 because, like the sun, your golden hours

are most beautiful wrapped in clouds

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