Ashley is an artist. She has loved creative expression since she was a little girl and it has always been a big part of her life. She paints, writes, sings, and loves making beautiful things come to life. She creates colourful paintings, sings in her yoga classes & writes, writes, writes. Her art is part of her expression of self love and connection with spirit. She loves going on an adventure with her paint, blesses all her canvases in a ceremony of sound and smoke before she begins and always let's her inner child come to life by having fun with paint. Art is a way for her to connect quietly to self love and still her mind. 
Fun fact....I created this entire website myself :)
Ashley is a colourist, many of her works being colourful abstracts. She has a refined eye for colour and the use of negative space. She showcases her work all over the world and has collectors enjoying her pieces in California, New York, Mexico, Greece, the UK among other places. Her creative process involves meditation, mindfulness and creating positive vibration using the sound of her voice and singing bowls, infusing these loving aspects into every piece. She loves to connect with her clients when they are selecting their pieces or collaborating to create a custom painting; always ensuring that they are happy with their investment.