“And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it

Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

Thank you so much for your curiosity in working with me and for your interest in investing in yourself.


For the past decade I have helped thousands of women nourish & elevate their light, unlock SELF LOVE and completely transform their sacred self care to move from feeling overwhelmed to overjoyed. 

If you have found your way to this page I am so glad the universe has connected us - she is pretty awesome like that.


Currently my private healing practice is open in the Vancouver area. Should you feel called for deeper support, guidance and soul nourishment, I encourage you to come see me. 


I am also here to support you from afar with various virtual goodness. Check below for where your heart feels called, feels excited and aligned. I look forward to holding your heart.

Keep loving yourself fiercely.

Ashley xx

Lets Make Some Magic!
ways we can work together 

Light Lair

Private Healing Sessions:  LIGHT LAIR; a sanctuary for your soul. Experience the power of softness, clear physical & emotional blocks and completely reset the nervous system. Receive intuitive guidance in a beautiful experience curated & channeled just for your soul. Offered virtually and in-person in the Vancouver area. 

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1:1 Mentorship Journey: If you're ready for high level support and guidance to help expand you towards making those much needed shifts, moving you towards higher clarity, authenticity & alignment then this is THE space for you. To inquire about private mentorship with me please fill out an application below to be considered.

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Guided Meditation Experience: Amplify Your Light is a collection of powerful digital meditations & healing audios to help you clear blocks and completely transform your connection with your higher Self. You will emerge from this healing portal more connected, peaceful, grounded and inspired. 

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Healing Gatherings: A potent sisterhood circle to commune with your highest heart wisdom. Together we gather (often under the full moon) and create energetic space to connect with intentions, surrender & amplify our vibration and heal deeply. CEREMONY - RITUAL - EARTH MEDICINE - INTUITIVE GUIDANCE - ENERGY PRACTICES - SISTERHOOD. 
Online in the 
Heart Medicine Sanctuary + In-person (Vancouver, BC)

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T h e  S a n t u a r y: An inspired FREE virtual space for me to connect with my clients & readers more personally. Offering light elevation practices, poetry, intuitive guidance and so much love. Feel more connected to your heart here. 

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a healing meditation: my gift to you. feel lighter. reset your nervous system and  completely  e l e v a t e  your energy.

The beautiful Mandy, sharing about our sacred work together



Working with Ashley truly was a joy.The
Working with Ashley truly was a joy.The