Ashley is an artist.
A naturally born creative soul who dares to dream and trusts in the creative fire moving through her wild heart. She is a gifted painter & poet, all her work infused with potent healing frequencies; she comes alive when channeling this divine medicine into the world. To her art is love. It is healing, it has the ability to meet the darkness and lead you into the light. It is play, it is trust, it is throwing paint around and letting it guide you. She creates in sacred ceremony, blesses all her canvases in a ritual of sound, smoke and spirit. Her pieces can be found working their healing magic in spaces all over North America.

Vibrant healing art for your space.

Magical colour therapy for your soul.

Ashley is a abstract colourist. She has a playful technique and a refined eye for the use of negative space. She showcases her work all over the world and has collectors enjoying her pieces in California, New York, Mexico, Greece, the UK among other places. Her creative process involves meditation, mindfulness and creating positive vibration using the sound of her voice and singing bowls, infusing these loving, healing vibrations into every piece. Ashley connects personally with every person who creates a custom painting or selects her work for their collection and offers an installation ceremony as part of their investment.