An inspired space to elevate your light and feel more connected to your heart.

If you're like me, you don't love feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from yourself. The days when the anxiety and panic set in and it's just exhausting. It really is the most challenging, beautiful adventure living as a sensitive soul.


I created this sanctuary for us >> the wild ones.

FREE for my readers, clients and soul fam to commune in a sanctuary of high vibrational energy. 

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This is THE space for luminaries ready to up level their sacred self care and attune their heart to more authentically activate and live in their light. 

In this space I help you clear energy blocks, attune your frequency & support you in activating your light. ...And when there is overwhelm, you can count on this space to hold your heart.

Are you here for the first time? Yea yea!

Hey beauty! I'm so glad to greet you here in this way! Glad the universe has connected us :)

Welcome to the Heart Medicine Sanctuary!


Here's a glimpse of why this space is awesome:

>> Regular FB LIVES with practices, card readings, meditations and other goodness available right here in our exclusive group.

>> "by donation/energy exchange" moon circles & classes

>> First access to new Free content and special VIP discounts + behind the scenes goodies

>> A units section with guided meditation & visualization practices to help you clear energy blocks, connect to your heart and elevate your light, all in one spot for easy access

>> AND be immersed in the energy of LIGHT for up levels and soul growth now!

ALL in one place. All for FREE xx

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This is a space where I give freely and offer support + energy activation. It's an important part of the sacred container for there to be an energy exchange.

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p.s. Here's the gist, if you're a scroller like me and just arrived at the bottom of this page. This is a high vibe space for luminaries to up level sacred self care & let go of overwhelm. It's a FREE space for you, my readers and soul family to commune with your heart. If you already have a copy of my book, click on the link to join, if not you can get one here and with your purchase you gain lifetime access.