Ashley   Lord.



a system of practice for optimal physiology, mental well being and the harmonious relationship with self. 


the state of being free from tension & anxiety, the restoration of equilibrium

Gentle Hatha

Inspired by the classical teachings of Swami Sivananda this gentle approach to physical yoga postures (asanas) + breathing exercises (pranayama) is the perfect balance of effort and ease. Gentle hatha is a perfect way for beginners to develop a solid yoga foundation. With modifications and an individualized approach this experience is great for all levels and abilities.


This practise of yoga holds fewer postures for an extended period of time getting into the deeper muscles, connective tissues, joints and ligaments. It is a powerful meditative practise done at a slower pace relieving tension and stress, leaving the body feeling restored and open. 


The word vinyasa means "breath synchronized movement" as well as speaks to the gradual progression of how this practice is approached. This beautiful journey of seated & standing yoga postures or "asanas" will allow you to connect to your self and receive the full benefits of the yogic practise.


The body is effortlessly supported and is able to attain deep rest & relaxation. With the use of bolsters, blankets, blocks etc you will spend extended periods of time deeply resting. A nourishing and nurturing practise you will leave this experience feeling grounded, relaxed & restored. 

Yoga Nidra (guided naptime)

Let us tuck you in for the most peacefully guided nap. Yoga Nidra Relaxation, is known for it’s calming effects on the body where the body sleeps and the mind remains awake listening to the guide. One may drift in and out of consciousness and sleep. A powerful and restorative practice that allows for the activation of the relaxation response where the body goes into a gentle state of homeostasis allowing for deep healing and rejuvenation.

Cozy Yoga

I have coined the term "cozy yoga" to mean a guided relaxation experience combining restorative yoga & hot stone therapy. Let me tuck you in for a peacefully guided relaxation nap and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hot stone therapy while you rest. Your body is effortlessly supported with props, blankets and hand sewn eye pillows as you are guided into delightful restorative postures.  Feel your body let go, your breath slow and your heart and mind soften. This restorative class is the perfect end to any day. This class promotes balance, vitality and ease supporting the body's natural healing process and will leave you feeling renewed. Suitable for all levels and abilities prepare to enjoy a very cozy guided nap experience.


The most basic definition of meditation is single pointed focus. It is a form of training the mind to in presence. This allows for a state free of stress and brings the mind into harmony, promoting relaxation and allows the body to build and maintain internal "life" energy. This dedicated focus allows one to develop compassion, patience, forgiveness & love.

"may all beings be happy"