Church & Soul.

Choosing happiness, coming and going. Changing by the day. There is pain, there is frustration. Remember there is steadiness, in the unknown. The mystery will be filled with music, when your ears are open. Speak about the madness, share this grief out loud. The twisted wave, suspended here, with nowhere else to fall, but the next moment. And the one after that, surrender again. And let your tears dry, by the light of stained glass, it’s warm hues feeding you and speaking in technicolour. I feel supported here, among the ceilings that capture the air. Breathing sweet, smokey, spiritual offerings into grieving cavities. This season of pain, relieved by becoming the ache that serenades these salted and softened cheeks. A silent smile measuring the willingness to offer love and move these tingling arms around me and into the next moment. In all sound and smells familiar, recognized by this heart. Believing in the rapture of arriving at this place, in these trying times.

© Ashley Lord