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  A sister sister Book Club. 

Created to honour the love between sisters and the importance of women supporting one another. The words "Hug" and "Nover" both translate to "sister" in Hungarian. Hug (little sister), Nover (big sister).

I hope this virtual club will support us in creating a fun place for us to meet and chat about awesome books & life. I hope it will support you in creating space for yourself, honouring your feelings while also giving us time to nourish our sister bond.

If you'd like to join me in this club, we can start with the book I chose for you "Untamed"...then you choose the next and moving on we can take turns!

We can meet on video chat once or twice a month...it can be just us, or we can ask other sisters and women to start to join us if that feels fun.

My sweet "Hug"...I love you so much.

Merry Christmas N.

Love, A

p.s. we're BOOK BUDDIES!

(p.p.s. let me hold the musket again.)