In the heart of the light


"a divine collection of poetic medicine for the soul, a potent tool for healing"

Special Extended

with Self Love
Practices & Rituals


"In the Heart of the Light; Poetry of Awakening, SPECIAL EDITION", is a beautiful collection of spiritual poetry combined with self love meditations, journaling prompts & affirmations. It offers the reader a peaceful journey beyond the mind, diving them deep into the heart space to support their self care practices & rituals.


  • a powerful tool for mental health

  • stress relief from the modern world

  • small easy to read poems and practices

  • inspiration & total heart nourishment



"this book is exactly what our wild world needs right now!"


From Ashley Lord, a Canadian artist, intuitive energy guide and holder of sacred space. Her debut book leads the reader through a soft & graceful lens, into a powerful world of healing, spirituality and self love. Speaking right to their soul, returning them to a place of trust within their own heart. 


"a wonderful read that connects with the heart! It puts me in the perfect state for dreaming before bed"

-Dena Jackson, Comedian, Speaker & Host of Ego Podcast.


"this poetry speaks to those yearning to be bold and fearless, to embrace their truest, authentic self."

- CIndy Rivait, Owner, Morning Blossom Retreat Center.


"This book is genuine, thoughtful and pulls at your heart strings, a perfect gift!"

- Patricia McPherson, Yogi, Actor & Entrepreneur


"Absolutely loved this beautiful book. It is inspiring and empowering." -Mike Spruceman, Retail Executive

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This book will inspire you to:

  • Nourish your heart and soul

  • Feel calm & uplifted


  • Move gracefully through pain and heartbreak


  • Remind you of your divine light as you meet your darkness and face challenges


  • Build a more supportive loving relationship with yourself


  • Heal from your past and live to create a life you deserve

  • Steady an anxious mind, body and heart

  • Help you work through depression, trauma and hard times

Golden Hours

"For the beautiful souls,

whose broken hearts light the sky,

Trust in your light,

because like the sun,

your golden hours are most beautiful,
wrapped in clouds”  


In the Heart of the Light, page 21

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A love note from Ashley:

I am beyond grateful for the warm reception and love I have felt from you all with the publishing of In the Heart of the Light. Your stories of healing, the way you connect to this divine collection of work is truly inspiring. I feel blessed everyday to be the mother of this wonderful book of poetic medicine for the soul.


Thank you for loving her as much as I do! You beautiful humans out there doing the work, facing your shadows, your challenges with grace and resilience are a gift to this earth. 

May these channeled words of light continue to remind you of your greatness. May they dazzle your insides and help you transmute your darkness to light. May they continue to help you heal your heart and remind you of your light. 

And together may we support, inspire and guide each other towards the frequency of healing love within us all.

When I first published this book during the pandemic in July 2020 I had already been working on it for two years. Having to stop working my day job was It definitely a little silver lining for me, as I finally had the space I truly needed to finish my book baby with the care she deserved. 

Writing this book healed me. During and up until the time of its publication I had been ripe with anxiety, rich in depression, burnt the fuck out to put it not so poetically and experiencing panic attacks. Through therapeutic writing, meditation and practicing many of the offerings I have included in this book, I have helped guide myself back to wholeness. A continuous reminding, a ever flowing oscillation of light and dark. I am still moving with the waves. Connecting to my light through poetry as daily always helps me to surrender the walls built around my heart and reclaim my inner authority, my peace to take a stand for the truths alive within me. This work and this book continue to support me and I am truly grateful.​

I hope it nourishes your heart in all the ways it ask for.

I wish nothing more than for you to receive it and let this pocketbook of remembering, shine a guiding light on your soul, as you continue to find your way back, to your rightful place, on the throne of your heart.

May it serve you greatly, as it did me.

Love, Ashley Lord

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