- bellows blow -


the story was as so.

at twenty something a

delicate inquiry of intrigue


astounded at the bend in the river

she dove,

in deep visions

pulling towards light's reflection

the sun's gleam stilled ripples,

oh carry her until she woke.


it was all unknown, until it was so.

dreamers dream at thoughts

below, a riptide bellows blow.

frosted waters the mistress skated,

across dark veils of silk rainbows

emerging into gold.

and it was so.

and it was so.

and she broke to know things unknown.


and from the depths the love will glow.

uncovering wishes, like windows to the soul

weighed in feathers dipped in memories

of which life's mystery kindly bestowed.


why do bellows blow?

for flames ignite sparks as

come the rains, un-taming this love

lays awake 

and must forgo.

© Ashley Lord