Ashley   Lord.

about Ash

yoga teacher. artist. adventurer. hospitality ninja

Ceremony & swim in the River Ganges, Rishikesh, India. April 2016

The Yoga Teacher

Ashley offers unique Yoga Experiences that blend together her expertise in the healing arts. She'll tuck you in for a delightful guided nap and hot stone experience or invite you to explore the body through a mindfully guided yoga class. With a passion for music and sound you can always expect her dj skills to come into play. She uses intuition and education to offer classes grounded in loving care. Believing strongly in helping her students create white space in their life she is dedicated to holding space for those who wish to support themselves in their wellness journey.


Ashley maintains a dedicated daily practice and has trained in many varieties of yoga, movement & mediation including: Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra Zazen, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Thai Masasge & Ballet. She thanks her mentors, Seane Corn & Michael Stone, is grateful for the teachings of Swami Sivananda & Thich Nhat Hanh, and acknowledges all of the incredible people who have shed light on her path. She is incredibly grateful for her family & dearest friends. Supported with so much many blessings.

This sweet woman is a total foodie, loves a good scotch and is an huge advocate of the arts.

As an avid traveller of the globe, with over ten plus years in the hospitality are in good hands with joyful soul.

a few words from Ashley:

For the past ten years (2006-2016) I followed my heart around the beautiful world. I have been fortunate to travel extensively and live abroad in many countries. Collecting memories  and stories, experiencing the challenges of travel that pushed and changed me in ways i could have never dreamed. 

As the great native native traditions of the world believe: life is a circle. We become full and set forth on our journey to share our gifts and create our own personal legacy in pursuit of service to all beings. 

Professionally I have been guiding yoga experiences since 2008 and been a practitioner of yogic teachings since 2002. Fascinated with the body and the human experience I have curiously trained in Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin, Thai Massage, Chi Gong, Sound Healing, Ballet, Acrobatics. Making space to attend a collection of retreats, leadership intensives, I have spent time in Indian & Bahamian Ashrams and taken more health "potions" than one should probably take, but for the the seeker, this body is the greatest laboratory for expansion. 

I believe in "white space". Slowing down, taking time for the self to

experience the self. To reset & fill up our precious vitality that is drained

by the demands  of life. When we do this - we become better humans.

With more space there is more sparkle. 

My offerings are a blend of classical hatha/vinyasa, restorative & yin,

energetic movement, meditation, sound healing, hot stone therapy,

with lots of relaxation & nourishment.

"Nature does not rush, yet everything is accomplished"  - Lao Tzu

Much love.

I look forward to holding space for you,



Basking in the warm sun with a mango flower, Ensenada, Mexico, 2013

The Artist

Ashley has been experimenting in different creative mediums her entire life. While living in San Diego, California she painted her first collection, a colourful splash of acrylic on canvas called "The Joy Series". Her work can be found on public display in California & Toronto.

Ashley would describe her work as a meditation with paint and each piece is typically created in one session while sitting on the studio floor, in candlelight. Infused with mindfulness, happiness & musical vibes these creations are an expression of love and represent the importance of self love and being in a loving relationship with self, the challenging, messy, exhausting, surprising...the beautiful.

a few words from Ashley:

Creating these pieces is part of my own healing journey. I put on music that inspires my heart in the moment. Whether it's Indian Mantras or Relaxation Tracks, a Deep House Mix, Bob Dylan, The Bealtes or some Bon Iver the vibrational qualities they possess is part of the co creation of these colourful pieces. I sit quietly with each white canvas, I breathe, pray, smile and bless. Sometimes i'll whip out some sage or palo santo, light incense...get lost and found in the beautiful colour, and let my little child play. This process is fun and freeing.

This work is close to my heart as a representation of "white space". This philosophy is how I approach life and ties in with what I believe as a yogi; being in union, whole, happy, living in non separation with the self and universe. Being a human is hard. When there is space to digest and respond to the wonder of life we are more fully able to live with intention and express the love in our hearts. So is true for this colourful work, the imperfections, mess and sometimes chaotic movement of colour remains inherently beautiful; illuminated and supported by the white space that surrounds it. the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.


The Hospitality Ninja

For over the past decade Ashley has honed her skills and developed her craft in the world of hospitality. Starting out at 16 years old working for Jennifer's Kitchen, a premier catering company in Oakville. Ontario she carried out functions small and large, corporate, to weddings and intimate family/friend celebrations in client homes. Over the ten years working part time for the company part, she had the wonderful opportunity to visit an extensive number of kitchens, adapting her trade to any environment she was in. A few years post JK lead her to land a job as one of the operations managers at Curio'city' Catering in San Diego, California. As part of this dynamic team she also drove & operated their food truck! After returning to Toronto in 2013 she was part of the Front of House opening team at Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie in the historic Distillery District spending three wonderful years as a server. Ashley has managed to dance herself around the world taking on various roles and making use of her skills. She spent the winter of 2012 as a manger and server at Fe Restaurant, San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala and aided the kitchen staff from her hostel in Varkala, India, volunteering her efforts for the evening as the "catering captain" at a Indian/Australian Wedding. She has finally retired from working formally in restaurants & catering after 18 years and works full time as a yoga teacher, healer and artist.


a few words from Ashley:


There is an equally captivating grit and allure in this industry that just doesn't quit. The people, my fellow compadres, who work long hours and are continuously asked "when are you gonna get a real job" are a collection of some of the most interesting individuals i've ever met.

I've had the pleasure to eat some pretty incredible food and drink some very fine wines over the last decade or so. The catering life has lead me to spend a lot of time in peoples laundry rooms, back porches, alleyways, garages and barns.

And after 14 long hours when I can pause without moving or thinking what's next...That moment, when I sit down on an upside down crate, beside a garbage can, in the wee hours of the morning and eat a fancy cold dinner....there's nothing like it.

I've had many great moments working in the industry, many of them not just eating by garbage cans. This industry is electric, not for the faint of heart and a wild ride of adventurous good times.

Food truck fun! Curio'city' Catering, San Diego, California, 2013

"Brunching" at Cluny Bistro

Distillery District Toronto, 2016