A s h l e y   L o r d  |  H e a r t  M e d i c i n e 

Ashley is a Canadian Artist.

Poetess, Priestess. Intuitive Spiritual Guide.

A wildly sensitive soul.

Ashley grew up in Port Credit, a waterfront village near Toronto. She attended Wilfrid Laurier University and although earned a degree, she was always far more taken with her love of people and widening curiosity of life & art. This led her to become a seasoned solo traveler; exploring, partying, photographing and writing her way around the world for the next ten years. She began studying yoga & meditation at 17, her challenging family life and passionate soul, the fuel that called her deep into the practices of the healing arts and human condition. Becoming a devoted student and then teacher at 23 became her truest anchor and gateway into divine expression. Before writing full time, Ashley led powerful meditation and yoga classes, women's circles & wellness retreats and still continues to offer private mentorship. In 2019 she began sharing her writing on Instagram @loveashleylord after decades of keeping it safe in her heart and in 2020, published her first book, In the Heart of the Light; poetry of awakening. Ashley is a naturally born artist who has honed her crafts in writing and painting most of her life. A poetess priestess, an intuitive spiritual advisor, a teacher and wildly sensitive soul; she holds powerful space and mentorship for all those who seek to live healthy, inspired and awakened lives. Her words and art are beautifully channeled medicine from the universe. You can find her...dancing under the moonlight, writing all the poetry.