A s h l e y   L o r d  |  H e a r t  M e d i c i n e 

Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Holistic Health & Life Coach, Sound + Energy Healer, Alchemist & Poet.

Ashley, a compassionate counsellor for the heart. Sharing her gifts in sound & energy medicine, movement & meditation and poetry to support women's healing. She draws upon many holistic healing modalities from her life and formal studies, has lived in a collection of interesting countries and continues to be a curious student of life. Everything she does is rooted and grounded in love. Her life is dedicated to holding space for those who want to live an inspired and awakened life. 

Ashley is set to publish her first book of healing poetry "Ashes + Light", coming 1/20/2020


Experiences with her are: Offerings from the heart…very relaxing, nourishing, peaceful & powerful. Although she's trained in many varieties of movement & meditation styles she's particularly passionate about healing through sound, functional movement & speaking truth out loud. She'll channel messages and offer words from her heart to guide you towards your inner wisdom. No matter the practise, her intention is to guide you on a journey into yourself; where you are allowed to make space to slow things down, pay attention and perhaps cultivate a little curiosity on the way. Where you can let things move and breathe She'll very often incorporate songs & sounds , but sometimes it’ll be a surrender to silence. Come exactly as you are, there is so much beauty here.

Mantra she lives by: “Nature does not rush, yet everything is accomplished.”- Lao Tzu

When she's not on her yoga mat: She's dancing, singing, painting, reading, writing poetry, coaching amazing women, guiding retreats, walking by the water (or swimming in it), chilling with her love, friends/family, listening to music, forest bathing, drinking tea, eating all the cookies and dreaming about the next adventures.

Three words that describe her:

Creative, passionate and joyful (…a rebellious adventurer).

To her, home is: Waking up early to greet the sun in silence and prepare for a new day’s adventure, followed by a good little DJ session to get the soul singing & the body moving!