A s h l e y   L o r d  |  H e a r t  M e d i c i n e 

A s h l e y   i s   a   C a n a d i a n   A r t i s t .  


Poetess, Energy Intuitive & Holder of Sacred Space

...A wild heart & deeply sensitive soul. A channel of divine heart medicine.

She helps luminaries get energetically unstuck so they can unlock their potential + tap into their authentic truth, share their highest expression and live the life of their dreams.


She is the author (aka book mama) of “In the Heart of the Light; poetry of awakening” a powerful collection of poetic medicine and “The Fire that burns in the Dark; poetry of many moons” due out in 2022.


Her soulful poetry is adored around the globe, it’s uplifting and inspiring words have a way of taking you right into your heart space. Influenced deeply from her spiritual practice, she began her studies in the transformational arts with yoga and mediation 20 years ago. Ash has been teaching and leading classes and retreats for the past decade and is currently dedicated full time to writing and her private coaching practice.


She is the fierce leader of a gorgeous community of souls called the Heart Medicine Sanctuary & help luminaries reclaim their light moving from madness to magic in the “Fierce Light Society”. She is known for her radical self love, her fun, wild and adventurous heart and has an innate ability to sense divine potential & energy. As a visionary artist and empath, she loves guiding souls through her signature program, The Heart Medicine Journey; a 3 month transformational one on one experience. Her unique skill set, intuitive gifts and healing hands work wonders for those who are seeking deeper support in healing their heart and unlocking their fiercest of light.


Her own journey through living in a wildly sensitive body and recovering from addiction, trauma & depression has led her to know that we are all alchemists, capable of shifting our own energy. She believes the most beautiful thing we can offer the world is our willingness to step onto the path of our own awakening. Working with her is like tapping into a powerful portal of both earth and sun magic. She helps you cultivate these qualities within so that you can melt the harder edges, soften the heart and bring forth the wise, steady, supportive elder that lives within us all.


Ashley is nature baby, most at home in the wild landscapes of the earth and has danced her way around the globe, lived in a collection of interesting countries and travelled to over 30 countries. She lives in the Rocky Mountains, in British Columbia, Canada.


Fancy some credentials do you.....Read a little about her formal education here ;)


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