Nourished & Awakened


Is that little tickle in your heart asking you to make a change, your life, your health?


Are you curious about how you can be supported on your journey?

(I have a coach too, it's the best!)

I help busy humans to slow down, create space and transform.

Alchemy; a seemingly magical process of transformation.

Working together I'll offer you guidance to pay attention to your inner wisdom, cultivate curiosity and help you move from where you are to where you want to be. 

Come exactly as you are. We are allowed to be both masterpieces & works in progress simultaneously :)

Showing up for what is present, learning from and navigating our challenges...

I call this work The Alchemy of Love. 

This process is all about awakening & nourishing your most authentic self.

My coaching style is highly intuitive & informed by my formal education & training. 

Let's have a conversation and see if working together is the next right step for you!

(Sessions with me are offered virtually from the comfort of your home on skype or the phone. If you are in the Toronto area and would like visit my sanctuary for your session you are most welcome to)